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Slow media, un nuovo approccio all’informazione

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In lettura un libro, Slow media di Jennifer Rauch, che comincia bene. Lo stimolo giusto a guardare le proprie abitudine da una prospettiva diversa:

Not long ago, I found myself on the sidewalk in front of a friend’s apartment building in New York City, throwing rocks at her third-story window. My arm and aim were good enough to strike glass on the second floor, but her apartment was higher than that. I puzzled over how to get her attention. Wait for someone to come outside? Set off my car alarm? The problem was, she didn’t have a doorbell. The disappearance of buzzers is one of the ripple effects in our new communication environment, where many people assume visitors will use cellphones to announce their arrival—and some property owners don’t install doorbells, considering them optional. In the end, I hunted down a payphone to call my friend because while most pockets

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Cancellare i propri tweet

Media & Social media

Il New York Times indaga sui servizi per cancellare i propri tweet e perché Twitter ancora non supporta questa funzione, anzi la ostacola.

Ultimately, the platform seems to be most observant when its users come up with ideas that help people use Twitter more — when we present or solve problems in a way that aligns with the company’s business. But tweet deleters are asking for something Twitter may not be so willing to give them: a way to be less engaged. a leggere