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Amazon e l’antitrust

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Il potere di Amazon richiede un intervento straordinario.

As Amazon continues both to deepen its existing control over key infrastructure and to reach into new lines of business, its dominance demands the same scrutiny. To revise antitrust law and competition policy for platform markets, we should be guided by two questions. First, does our legal framework capture the realities of how dominant firms acquire and exercise power in the internet economy? And second, what forms and degrees of power should the law identify as a threat to competition? Without considering these questions, we risk permitting the growth of powers that we oppose but fail to recognize.

Articolo del The Yale law journal che ha fatto molto discutere negli USA.… Continua a leggere


Web & Tech

But here’s the bizarre quirk of the Facebook dystopia, whose sheer perversity would have likely pleased Orwell: It’s all Big and no Brother. Our time and lives are the company’s only currency. Without our continued attention, Facebook quite literally has nothing, and its empire could be brought down with a feather. Now, blow.

Non passa giorno ormai senza che una voce autorevole critichi aspramente F. e che chieda un intervento dell’antitrust. Il 5 febbraio esce un nuovo libro: Zucked. a leggere