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Esercitare la pazienza

Formazione permanente

Guarda per tre ore un’opera d’arte e segna ciò che scopri, mano a mano che passa il tempo.

What this exercise shows students is that just because you have looked at something doesn’t mean that you have seen it. Just because something is available instantly to vision does not mean that it is available instantly to consciousness. Or, in slightly more general terms: access is not synonymous with learning. What turns access into learning is time and strategic patience.

L’arte come porta sul mondo

Formazione permanente

“Walk back and forth in front of Adele. Her eyes follow you. That’s the magic here.” Kandel was referring to our visual systems converting Klimt’s two-dimensional image into a three-dimensional portrait in our minds. But I felt he was talking about much more. Adele was looking into us from Klimt’s private studio, her eyes evoking an endless sorrow. It was a deeply personal experience that felt like a universal one. Art, the scientist showed me, was our portal into the world.

Lunghissima e godibilissima analisi di uno dei più bei quadri che io abbia mai visto, Woman in gold.