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La sinfonia di bugie di Green book


Non è proprio come te l’hanno raccontata…

Dr. Shirley’s last living brother, Dr. Maurice Shirley, 82, was “furious” when he heard of the depiction of his brother in this film and had much harsher criticism of it, calling it “a symphony of lies.” As one example, Maurice mentioned the moment in the film where Ali’s character says he has a brother but didn’t know his whereabouts, as they hadn’t been in contact for some time.

“At that point [in 1962 when the events of the film supposedly take place], he had three living brothers with whom he was always in contact,” Maurice said, speaking of himself, and his and Dr. Shirley’s two older brothers, Dr. Edwin Shirley Jr. and Dr. Calvin Hilton Shirley. a leggere

Bohemian rhapsody ha fallito


Recensione che non fa sconti e colpisce nel segno.

Instead, the film winds up being the last thing Mercury himself would have wanted it to be, given his own embrace of the queer community: an erasure of that community, and of Mercury’s own uniqueness, as well as a flimsy, demonizing stereotype of queer men. All fans of Freddie Mercury, but especially the queer ones, deserved better. a leggere

Thelma, un film che non ti lascia indifferente


In attesa, da mesi, ieri ho visto Thelma. Uno strano film norvegese che non ricordo neanche più chi mi aveva consigliato (probabilmente Indiewire nella top 25 dello scorso anno). Terminata la visione sono andato, sconvolto, a leggermi qualche recensione. Su Letterboxd ce ne sono di magnifiche.

Thelma su Letterboxd

Martedì probabilmente lo rivedrò insieme ad alcuni amici. Nel frattempo sono ossessionato dal tema musicale del film e dalla colonna sonora.

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