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Essere sposati con la tecnologia

Vivi meglio

Having just ended a 10-year relationship, I am often asked, “Are you lonely?”

My answer? “No.”

And the reason, I suspect, is that I am in a very committed relationship with technology that seems to have left me needing people less. But I don’t know if that’s for the best.

Riflessione interessante sulla relazione di coppia nell’era moderna e di come la tecnologia non necessariamente ci aiuta a vivere meglio.

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Il paradosso delle relazioni personali sui social network

Media & Social media

Semplice spiegazione del perché il valore della persona finisce per cadere in secondo piano, nelle relazioni personali mediate dai social network.

When you comment on a post, you’re interacting with their post and not relating to the person who posted. They certainly aren’t simultaneously relating to you. This simple truth is the root of much of the animosity online.

We thought that the internet would lead to a pure exchange of ideas. We didn’t consider that when you remove people from that exchange you’re losing the humanity inherent in a healthy exchange of ideas.

Additionally, the underlying design of social networks today — the follow count, likes, and all the metrics that measure how successful you are at social media — these metrics quantify interactions in a way that subverts and attempts to reverse the I-Thou, but perverts it instead. a leggere

Relazioni personali e sostenibilità

Formazione permanente

Ho appena aggiunto la Los Angeles Rewiev of books tra le mie fonti e subito ho trovato una bella recensione.

IF MARRIED OR CO-JOINED LIFE has started to feel, on occasion, like Armageddon instead of paradise, or if you have, over the years, been wearied by the “all or nothing” rhetoric of climate change debates, then you will appreciate Nicole Walker’s perspective on how we might heal our relationships with: 1) our long-term partners, 2) our planet, and 3) our most imperfect selves a leggere