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First, I love the challenge of developing a thought into a cohesive idea.  The idea, once generated, must be developed into a concept, a story built on a foundation of words.  Most importantly, it must end as a finished product which is worthy of reading.

I’ll call this The Challenge of The Game.  Creating a thought, then putting it into words which stimulate, entertain, cause you to think and, ultimately, drive you to action.

Second, I love to connect with people and the feeling of making an impact in people’s lives.  I also love the blogging community and the hundreds of friends I have met through this passion project called The Retirement Manifesto.  I’ve decided to name this element The Power Of Connection.

Combined, these two elements of writing are what bring me joy as a writer.

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Tre paginette la mattina


I have a daily practice of three longhand pages done first thing on awakening, hence, “Morning Pages.” The pages clear my head and prioritize my day. I think of them as a form of meditation. There is no wrong way to do the pages. You simply keep your hand moving across the page, not pausing to take what I call “mental cigarette breaks.” It is as though you are sending the universe a telegram: “this is what I like, this is what I don’t like…” Implicit in this, “please help me.” If the pages are meditation, they are also a potent form of prayer.

Le trasferte fanno saltare la mia routine e poi faccio fatica a riprendere. Per tutto gennaio non ho perso un colpo e ho completato un quadernetto che attendeva da più di un paio d’anni di vedere un po’ di inchiostro. Oggi riprendo.… Continua a leggere