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Tre paginette la mattina

I have a daily practice of three longhand pages done first thing on awakening, hence, “Morning Pages.” The pages clear my head and prioritize my day. I think of them as a form of meditation. There is no wrong way to do the pages. You simply keep your hand moving across the page, not pausing to take what I call “mental cigarette breaks.” It is as though you are sending the universe a telegram: “this is what I like, this is what I don’t like…” Implicit in this, “please help me.” If the pages are meditation, they are also a potent form of prayer.

Le trasferte fanno saltare la mia routine e poi faccio fatica a riprendere. Per tutto gennaio non ho perso un colpo e ho completato un quadernetto che attendeva da più di un paio d’anni di vedere un po’ di inchiostro. Oggi riprendo.

Published in Esperienze