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I vantaggi di un gruppo di lettura

Mesi fa, prima dell’estate, suggerivo l’avvio di un book club, di un gruppo di lettura. Il tutto è ancora in stand by, ma entro Novembre al massimo intendo farlo partire. Ne vale la pena, come ricorda questo articolo su un book club che dura da 50 anni:

I talked individually with the other nine members about what Booke Club has meant to them and why they thought it had been so long-lasting. The word they used most frequently was ‘serious’. Those young mothers in 1964 needed a chance to exercise different parts of their brains, to take mental challenges, and to share their thoughts with others. They found that the study and discussion of good writing was a way to meet these needs. Gradually, their lives expanded into worlds outside the home – higher degrees, professional and creative work, travel, grandchildren. Much later, their lives began to contract, but Booke Club retained its value throughout.

Members also talked about the importance of the reliable structure – especially the formality of the discussion and respect shown for different opinions. The requirement to come to a meeting well prepared was seen as an opportunity to think deeply beforehand and then get new insights from the discussion. I don’t think anyone ever came without reading the book from beginning to end, at least once. Many members believe that it is because of Booke Club that they still read so widely.

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  1. Alessandro Alessandro

    So che sarai capace di farlo. E noi ci saremo: ci stiamo allenando da mesi!

  2. Eleonora Eleonora

    Ci conto! 🙂

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