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Il paradosso dell’automazione

Intelligenti riflessioni sull’auto che si guida da sola e altri sistemi automatici, inclusa la tragedia del Boeing Max 8.

Removing automated systems from our lives, or rejecting them altogether, is now impossible. And, overall, such systems do increase safety and productivity, but they aren’t infallible, and when they make a mistake, however rare, the repercussions can be severe. Recognizing this goes beyond providing a software update to a shoddily redesigned plane. At a time when automation is widely regarded to be stealing jobs, the paradox tells us that the role of humans has become even more critical. a leggere

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Trump sky alpha, il futuro che speri non accada

Che viaggio Trump sky alpha! Stasera incontro l’autore e non mi mancheranno domande da porgli. Non è un romanzo facile, ma se sei immerso nella rete lo troverai molto interessante. Garantito.

Who else would begin with President Trump piloting a blinged-out zeppelin amid an accidental nuclear Armageddon while desperately assuring his YouTube Live audience that everything’s fine, nothing to worry about, it’s fake news — in one bravura four-page-long sentence?

Certo, non devi essere già allergico a Trump

A seguire una ghiotta intervista all’autore. a leggere

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L’obiettivo di Google, Facebook e Amazon non è cambiare il mondo, ma fare più soldi

Semmai qualcuno credesse ancora all’idealismo dei giganti del tech, questo è un memo per ricordare che l’obiettivo resta uno soltanto, al di là della retorica di facciata:

The working atmosphere at Facebook—where the product one labors on is also where one socializes with colleagues, friends, and family—is designed to enforce fealty to the mission and, like the product itself, to facilitate the goal of absolute togetherness. In January, CNBC ran an article about what it called Facebook’s “‘cult-like’ workplace.” “There’s a real culture of ‘Even if you are f—ing miserable, you need to act like you love this place,’” one former employee, who left in October, told the network. “It is not OK to act like this is not the best place to work.” Some of those who want to have critical discussions have purchased burner phones, so their comments wouldn’t get back to their managers. Most of the

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Inquinamento digitale, è ora di fare qualcosa

For all the good the internet has produced, we are now grappling with effects of digital pollution that have become so potentially large that they implicate our collective well-being. We have moved beyond the point at which our anxieties about online services stem from individuals seeking to do harm—committing crimes, stashing child pornography, recruiting terrorists. We are now face-to-face with a system that is embedded in every structure of our lives and institutions, and that is itself shaping our society in ways that deeply impact our basic values. 

We are right to be concerned. Increased anxiety and fear, polarization, fragmentation of a shared context, and loss of trust are some of the most apparent impacts of digital pollution. Potential degradation of intellectual and emotional capacities, such as critical thinking, personal authority, and emotional well-being, are harder to detect. We don’t fully understand the cause and effect of digital toxins. The

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Memorie di un autista di Uber

All’interno di Silicon City, libro ricco di 150 diverse testimonianze, si racconta la San Francisco (e la Bay Area) di oggi. Ho trovato il libro nella libreria di un museo e ho letto il capitolo con l’intervista a un autista di Uber, venuto negli USA dal Congo per far fortuna. La conclusione del suo intervento è molto amara.

The United States, America, is not a country. It’s a corporation. It’s a platform to make money. It’s an app. Within that platform, you have the options of succeeding or failing. In both cases, you’re responsible.

So you better start running . . .

I’m still running.

Silicon City
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Quale città del futuro?

Amazon is hollowing out our high streets and replacing human-facing shop jobs with warehouse drudgery that leaves workers mere servants to a machine. It is hollowing out our material culture into price-arbitraged Alibaba drop-shipped disposable trash. And the media that might object to this turns instead to affiliate links and “service journalism” to stay afloat. An entire section of New York magazine is just an Amazon catalogue now. High street shops shutter and people stay away and the decline accelerates. a leggere

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