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Jair Bolsonaro, il Brasile che non vorresti

Che tristezza il Brasile di oggi. Più violento, più autoritario, meno libero, meno ambientalista, meno attento ai poveri e meno rispettoso delle persone di colore. Peggio, molto peggio, del governo che ci troviamo oggi in Italia. Leggere per credere.

The authoritarian leaders taking power around the world share a vocabulary of intolerance, insult, and menace. Jair Bolsonaro, who was elected President of Brazil on promises to end crime, right the economy, and “make Brazil great,” has spent his career gleefully offending women, black people, environmentalists, and gays. a leggere

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Il business del sistema carcerario (negli USA)

Sapevo che il carcere negli USA è un business, con i reclusi sfruttati per lavori pagati pochi centesimi di dollaro all’ora, ma non sapevo che anche i famigliari venissero munti il più possibile.

Since being asked to write this review, I’ve paid $53 to the telecommunications company Securus so that a friend incarcerated in New York could call me—a $3 activation fee in addition to a $50 deposit in his account for future collect calls—and $50 to JPay, a subsidiary of Securus that bills itself as “the most trusted name in corrections,” so that I could email with people incarcerated here in the Northwest. This money is on top of my regular acquisition of stamps and envelopes to maintain traditional forms of correspondence with incarcerated friends who do not have email access.

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Andare avanti, sempre

Well, look at how much stands in the way of us being ourselves. Our circumstances—in John’s case, it was poverty. In this context, John came as close to succeeding as anybody I have ever met. He did what he wanted to do. I mean, even though he couldn’t really start writing until he was in his thirties, he damn well started. So he came as close as anyone I can imagine to becoming himself. He was willing to make whatever sacrifice and to face whatever challenge. He just kept going.

I think he wasn’t much interested in exploring himself, or maybe that’s what he did with his novels. I mean, he wasn’t interested in talking about himself at all. He was witty, and he was funny and always doing something, pickling his cucumbers. He was very active. The last thing he wanted was to have an earnest conversation.

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