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Amazon, il dittatore benevolo

Amazon diventa sempre più centrale nella vita dei cittadini americani e non solo. Si autoregola, non per l’interesse della società, ma per quello (legittimo) dei suoi azionisti. Non è una novità, ma l’emergenza Coronavirus lo rende ancora più attuale:

The hiring of 100,000 staff and a $2-an-hour pay raise is akin to a 21st-century Works Progress Administration (WPA), only private. Amazon’s hometown noblesse oblige – extending its beneficence to small businesses around its Seattle offices so that they might live to serve Amazonians another day – is akin to a government stimulus package. Amazon’s decision to stop accepting non-essential products from third-party sellers who use its warehouses is essentially Amazon regulating the marketplace.

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Amazon e l’antitrust

Il potere di Amazon richiede un intervento straordinario.

As Amazon continues both to deepen its existing control over key infrastructure and to reach into new lines of business, its dominance demands the same scrutiny. To revise antitrust law and competition policy for platform markets, we should be guided by two questions. First, does our legal framework capture the realities of how dominant firms acquire and exercise power in the internet economy? And second, what forms and degrees of power should the law identify as a threat to competition? Without considering these questions, we risk permitting the growth of powers that we oppose but fail to recognize.

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