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Il vitello da latte

Succede in Australia. In Italia spero sia diverso, ma il problema persiste. Il consumo di latte (e del formaggio, industriale) comporta delle conseguenze. Pensaci.

In Australia, you can kill a calf with a blow from a hammer (‘blunt force’) at a point between the eyes and ears – legally according to the RSPCA – and deep-bury or compost the body on your farm.

Why would you want to do that to an otherwise healthy calf? Because it’s a boy calf born to pure-bred milking cows, that’s why.

Around 400,000 male calves are born on dairy farms every year in Australia, and with little market for them, some farms don’t even bother sending them to slaughter. After transportation and kill fees, some farmers only get about $10 per head for a five-day old calf, at certain times in the economic cycle.

Matthews Evans, On eating meat

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