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Orbiting, il dating che poteva essere o non lo è stato ancora

Regardless, it’s a fact that dating is confusing, and orbiting can make that worse. Small online behaviors are infinitely interpretable, making it impossible to understand where you and another person stand. The lurking of a potential connection makes you wonder whether they’ll ever materialize in person. And the orbiting ex only serves to keep you mired in a shadow version of the relationship, wondering, each time he or she views one of your Stories, what happened or what could have been

Come se il mondo del dating online non fosse già abbastanza complesso. a leggere

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Contro l’amore e il romanticismo

Love, Inc. è un libro che va controcorrente, almeno per l’argomento principe che lo contraddistingue. Il romanticismo (e l’amore)non sarebbe altro che una fuga, una soluzione privata a problemi che dovrebbero essere risolti in altro modo. Punto di vista certamente originale e interessante. Copertina adorabile.

That is the argument of this book: that the worse things get, the more we turn to romance to feel hopeful about the future. It is not that capitalism causes romance, but rather that romance is both the most pleasurable and the most future-oriented escape from the grimness of globalized capitalism. Americans turn to a number of belief systems for sustenance: religion, nationalism, football. And some of these, like religion, even promise a better future in the afterlife. Yet romance promises us a better future in this life, with the added bonus of an enchantment of the everyday as we hunt for our prince

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Il dating in un racconto: cat person

Soon she noticed that when she texted him he usually texted her back right away, but if she took more than a few hours to respond his next message would always be short and wouldn’t include a question, so it was up to her to re-initiate the conversation, which she always did. A few times, she got distracted for a day or so and wondered if the exchange would die out altogether, but then she’d think of something funny to tell him or she’d see a picture on the Internet that was relevant to their conversation, and they’d start up again. She still didn’t know much about him, because they never talked about anything personal, but when they landed two or three good jokes in a row there was a kind of exhilaration to it, as if they were dancing.

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