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L’industria della moda sta uccidendo il pianeta

Il fenomeno fast fashion, le collezioni che si alternano ogni due settimane o meno, sta uccidendo il pianeta in un consumismo infinito.

In 2015, the fashion industry churned out 100 billion articles of clothing, doubling production from 2000, far outpacing global population growth. In that same period, we’ve stopped treating our clothes as durable, long-term purchases. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation has found that clothing utilization, or how often we wear our clothes, has dropped by 36% over the past decade and a half, and many of us wear clothes only 7 to 10 times before it ends up in a landfill. Studies show that we only really wear 20% of our overflowing closets.

Da parte mia ho deciso di ridurre al minimo il mio guardaroba e di non visitare alcun negozio se non per necessità puntuali. Non si può andare avanti così. a leggere

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