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Previsioni 2019

L’anno non poteva cominciare senza le previsioni di Scott Galloway. Una tra tutte mi sembra interessante:

Big health

  • Amazon begins a march toward becoming the most valuable healthcare company in the world.
  • They know your body mass index, how well you eat, if you’re in a monogamous relationship, and if you have kids — all the data to offer insurance, healthcare, and testing services.
  • The Seattle giant has the best data set on the two-thirds of US households with Prime, and may target the healthiest with an Amazon Prime health offering at substantially lower cost than existing insurance.
  • Upon introduction of the service, or maybe even in the press release describing the initiative, Amazon records the greatest single-day appreciation (in value) of any company in history.
  • Apple’s healthcare forays underwhelm.

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