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L’apprendimento continuo è un tema caldo. L’Economist a inizio 2017 pubblica uno special report sull’argomento. Negli articoli che seguono trovi spunti su questo tema, con consigli di carattere formativo con corsi online, articoli, guide e altre risorse utili.

Esercitare la pazienza

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Guarda per tre ore un’opera d’arte e segna ciò che scopri, mano a mano che passa il tempo.

What this exercise shows students is that just because you have looked at something doesn’t mean that you have seen it. Just because something is available instantly to vision does not mean that it is available instantly to consciousness. Or, in slightly more general terms: access is not synonymous with learning. What turns access into learning is time and strategic patience. a leggere

Fortnite e il metaverso

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Per capire Fortnite nei dettagli più rilevanti e immaginare cosa ci aspetta tra poco: il metaverso!

The term “Metaverse” stems from Neal Stephenson’s 1992 novel Snow Crash, and describes a collective virtual shared space that’s created by the convergence of virtually enhanced physical reality and persistent virtual space. In its fullest form, the Metaverse experience would span most, if not all virtual words, be foundational to real-world AR experiences and interactions, and would serve as an equivalent “digital” reality where all “physical” humans would simultaneously co-exist. It is an evolution of the Internet. More commonly, the Metaverse is understood to resemble the world describe by Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One (brought to film by Steven Spielberg in 2018). a leggere

Tutto quello che sai sulla forza di volontà è falso, o quasi

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L’esperimento del marshmallow è sempre stato uno dei miei preferiti, ma sarebbe fuorviante oggi.

Either our definition of willpower is narrowed and simplified to the point of uselessness (in both research and casual contexts), or it is allowed to continue as an imprecise term, standing in for an inconsistent hodgepodge of various mental functions. Willpower may simply be a pre-scientific idea—one that was born from social attitudes and philosophical speculation rather than research, and enshrined before rigorous experimental evaluation of it became possible. The term has persisted into modern psychology because it has a strong intuitive hold on our imagination: Seeing willpower as a muscle-like force does seem to match up with some limited examples, such as resisting cravings, and the analogy is reinforced by social expectations stretching back to Victorian moralizing. But these ideas also have a pernicious effect, distracting us from more accurate ways of understanding human psychology

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L’energia globale continua a non essere sostenibile

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Il tempo passa, ma i consumi di energia non cambiano, almeno non su scala globale. Purtroppo.

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