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Una vita in cammino

Vivi meglio

Guarda caso, il tema della dipendenza da social media appare anche in libri su tutt’altro tema, come A walking life:

We become addicted to social media because it’s designed to tap into our evolutionary need for connection and approval. Every time you look at a computer screen or use a cell phone device, says cyborg anthropologist Amber Case, “you’re a cyborg.”

A cyborg, though, no matter what form it takes—we take—is still an embodied creature. We are embodied creatures. We sit too much, we diet, we go to the gym, we consume food we know isn’t good for us, we slouch in front of Facebook even after our eyes have grown tired and our brains have stopped registering our friends’ posts; we abuse and neglect and attempt to control our bodies in countless ways. Until, that is, we’re involved in an accident or contract an illness or achieve an

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