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Lo sfruttamento dei kid influencer

Sono l’unico che considera aberrante il fenomeno dei kid influencer e dello sfruttamento da parte dei genitori?

Foos manages Vada’s career without an agent, fields all collaborative deals herself—Vada earns anywhere from $100 to $5,000 a post—and styles and photographs her toddler, who genuinely enjoys being in front of the camera and changing her outfits, Foos said. Because Vada is unaware of her own Instagram presence, Foos said she just tells Vada that the snapshots are a way of having fun with her mom. Foos always asks her daughter’s permission before snapping a photo and rarely shoots longer than five minutes.

Pur di fare soldi facili, non si guarda in faccia a nessuno. Non ho altre parole. a leggere