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[esclusivo] Brian Solis sul futuro del business


Nei giorni scorsi ho avuto il piacere di intervistare Brian Solis a proposito del suo nuovo libro da poco uscito tradotto in italiano da Hoepli: Qual è il futuro del business? Utile lettura, che spero possa invogliarti a leggere tutto il libro, certamente stimolante.

Disruptive technology

What would You suggest to a family medium business like hundreds or thousands in Italy? How could they embrace this positive change? Where should they start from?

Disruptive technology is just that…it’s disruptive. Every so often, something new comes around and completely upsets the balance. Now, innovation is part of our society and it’s only accelerating. The key to success is to simply accept that this is the end of business as usual. The way that things were done only evolve to accommodate the expectations and preferences of evolved customers and employees. And, that’s where we begin. We need to understand what’s changing so … Continua a leggere

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