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Siamo in un Truman Show

Divertente parallelismo tra Truman show e il nostro uso del social web:

In real life, here in 2018, we are all the stars of our own personalized, algorithmic Truman Shows. Facebook titillates us with finely tuned updates. Google answers every conceivable question. Apple swaddles us in their impeccably-designed walled garden. Amazon anticipates our every whim. Netflix keeps us happily entertained. Uber and Lyft whisk us between Airbnbs with unparalleled efficiency and precision.

Da sottolineare come il web, anche se prima della sofisticazione attuale degli algoritmi (la ricerca è del 2010), sia meno partigiano di quello che è il nostro ambiente sociale offline di tutti i giorni,

Has technology trapped us between utility and manipulation? Is this a new kind of 21st century purgatory? As we emerge from our digital domes and blink in the too-bright sunlight, we might begin to notice something odd. Our physical lives are actually more

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La via artigianale al web

Quanti di questi sono diventati tuoi comportamenti?

For consumers, this means forgoing convenience to control your ingredients: Read newsletters instead of News Feeds. Fall back to private group chats. Put the person back in personalization. Revert to reverse chron. Avoid virality. Buy your own server. Start a blog. Embrace anonymity. Own your own domain. Spend time on federated social networks rather than centralized ones. a leggere


La guerra civile di internet

Internet è diventato un mezzo della geopolitica per controllare popoli e guerreggiare con altri mezzi non militari (almeno non apparentemente). Un articolo molto lucido fa il punto.

The battle for 5G dominance and the battle to regulate Facebook are just two prominent fronts in the internet civil war. But both battles will have to be joined if we are to protect the integrity of the net. a leggere

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