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La Francia conta soltanto i morti in ospedale, da Coronavirus

In Francia i dati giornalieri sull’infezione da Coronavirus vengono diffusi alle 19,15 dal Prof. Salomon. Questa settimana si è lasciato sfuggire che i morti sono in ospedale e non totali…

It was therefore disturbing to note that earlier this week, Prof Salomon’s reference to ‘total number of deaths in France’ suddenly changed to ‘total number of deaths in hospitals’. 

An owl-eared journalist picked this up in the questions. He asked about the deaths in old peoples’ homes, retirement homes, nursing homes and individual homes. Prof. Salomon, utterly imperturbed, carefully explained that France only recorded deaths in hospitals because it was too complicated to record the others scientifically. Those deaths would eventually be integrated to the official statistics at a later date by the national statistical agency. He admitted, however, that hospital deaths ‘only represent a small part of deaths’. And he added that the ‘two principal places of death are

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