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Il (non)senso della vita

Riflessione di Woody Allen sul senso della vita, citato in Standpoints da Svend Brinkmann:

I firmly believe – and I don’t say this as a criticism – that life is meaningless. I’m not saying that one should opt to kill oneself. But the truth of the matter is, when you think of it, every 100 years, there’s a big flush, and everybody in the world is gone. And there’s a new group of people. And that gets flushed, and there’s a new group of people. And this goes on and on interminably – and I don’t want to upset you – toward no particular end, no rhyme or reason. And the universe, as you know from the best of physicists, is coming apart, and eventually there will be nothing, absolutely nothing. All the great works of Shakespeare, and Beethoven, and Da Vinci, all that will be gone. Now, not

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