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Previsioni 2019

Web & Tech

L’anno non poteva cominciare senza le previsioni di Scott Galloway. Una tra tutte mi sembra interessante:

Big health

  • Amazon begins a march toward becoming the most valuable healthcare company in the world.
  • They know your body mass index, how well you eat, if you’re in a monogamous relationship, and if you have kids — all the data to offer insurance, healthcare, and testing services.
  • The Seattle giant has the best data set on the two-thirds of US households with Prime, and may target the healthiest with an Amazon Prime health offering at substantially lower cost than existing insurance.
  • Upon introduction of the service, or maybe even in the press release describing the initiative, Amazon records the greatest single-day appreciation (in value) of any company in history.
  • Apple’s healthcare forays underwhelm.

2019 Predictions

Previsioni azzardate per il 2018 da Scott Galloway

Media & Social media

Le previsioni di Scott Galloway per il 2018 sono piuttosto azzardate. Tra le aziende in evidenza, neanche a dirlo, i quattro cavalieri dell’apocalisse. Chi vince ancora una volta sembra essere Amazon. Chi perde, Facebook.

Più che previsioni, le considererei provocazioni. Vale la pena comunque ragionarci su. Certamente non vorrei essere né un editore, né un’azienda che vive di pubblicità online.