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Consumo di carne e cambiamenti climatici


L’Economist è una delle mie fonti di informazione preferite. Ha un approccio globale ai problemi e guarda ai numeri, prima di dare giudizi. Nell’ultimo numero si parla del consumo di carne a livello globale e delle conseguenze, positive e negative, per gli anni a venire.

I numeri innanzitutto sono impressionati. Qualche dato preso qua e là:

Between 1961 and 2013 the average Chinese person went from eating 4kg of meat a year to 62kg. Half of the world’s pork is eaten in the country.

In the decade to 2017 global meat consumption rose by an average of 1.9% a year and fresh dairy consumption by 2.1%—both about twice as fast as population growth. Almost four-fifths of all agricultural land is dedicated to feeding livestock, if you count not just pasture but also cropland used to grow animal feed. Humans have bred so many animals for food that Earth’s mammalian

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Disco vegetariano invece di burger vegetariano?


Dopo il bando del nome latte per le bevande vegetali, il prossimo obiettivo del Parlamento europeo sembra bloccare il Burger vegetariano. Non c’è bisogno di commentare.

In a move that some MEPs suspect bears the fingerprints of the meat industry, the parliament’s agriculture committee this week approved a ban on producers of vegetarian food using nomenclature usually deployed to describe meat.

The protected designations would include steak, sausage, escalope, burger and hamburger, under a revised regulation that passed with 80% approval. The measures will now be voted on by the full parliament after May’s European elections, before being put to member states and the European commission. a leggere