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Zuppa di plastica: è ora di agire

Fa figo prendere un aperitivo e chiedere di fare a meno della cannuccia di plastica, ma non basta, Si può e si deve fare di più. La foto di cui sopra è tratta dal libro Plastic soup.

Plastic dominates our lives. Plastics are synthetic materials derived from petrochemicals. They can be found in all shapes and sizes, ranging from soft and thin to rock-hard and thick. Plastics have become enormously popular over the last seventy years, thanks to their particular properties and extremely low production costs.

We reap the benefits of those features every day. But those same properties turn out to be disastrous for ecosystems. Plastics do not dissolve in water and do not decay. All the plastic that has ever ended up in the environment is still present in some form or other. What plastic does do in the environment, though, is break down into smaller and

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