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Appunti da How to do nothing

Gli stimoli che genera un libro sono direttamente proporzionali alle parti che sottolineo (in digitale). Sotto riporto quanto sottolineato leggendo How to do nothing, di cui avevo già parlato.

I am opposed to the way that corporate platforms buy and sell our attention, as well as to designs and uses of technology that enshrine a narrow definition of productivity and ignore the local, the carnal, and the poetic. I am concerned about the effects of current social media on expression—including the right not to express oneself—and its deliberately addictive features. But the villain here is not necessarily the Internet, or even the idea of social media; it is the invasive logic of commercial social media and its financial incentive to keep us in a profitable state of anxiety, envy, and distraction. It is furthermore the cult of individuality and personal branding that grow out of such platforms and affect

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