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Come ottimizzare i tuoi video su YouTube


Ottimi consigli dal Blog di Visme:

  • Provide a video description with at least 200 words gives YouTube a deeper understanding of your video’s content and increases its chances of appearing as a “suggested video.”
  • At least five video tags, one including the video’s keyword topic, will help YouTube’s bots as well as viewers identify your video.
  • A keyword-rich video title will always outperform any upload with a generic title such as “video5” or “George’s favorites.”
  • Embed the video into a blog or other publication will increase YouTube’s rank as they not only create a backlink but embeds are a YouTube ranking signal.
  • Video length of at least two minutes is optimal; the longer the better. Watch time is another YouTube ranking signal, and research indicates the average viewer watches just 40 percent of a video. Therefore, longer videos will naturally be watched longer per viewer

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