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I vantaggi di un gruppo di lettura

Mesi fa, prima dell’estate, suggerivo l’avvio di un book club, di un gruppo di lettura. Il tutto è ancora in stand by, ma entro Novembre al massimo intendo farlo partire. Ne vale la pena, come ricorda questo articolo su un book club che dura da 50 anni:

I talked individually with the other nine members about what Booke Club has meant to them and why they thought it had been so long-lasting. The word they used most frequently was ‘serious’. Those young mothers in 1964 needed a chance to exercise different parts of their brains, to take mental challenges, and to share their thoughts with others. They found that the study and discussion of good writing was a way to meet these needs. Gradually, their lives expanded into worlds outside the home – higher degrees, professional and creative work, travel, grandchildren. Much later, their lives began to contract,

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